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In Memoriam: Winchester Repeating Arms Factory


The demolition of a structure, especially in an urban area, can be a violent and destructive act for a neighborhood that collectively associates memories with a space as the removal constitutes an erasure of a landmark in a collective community map.  This project attempts to study a building’s end of life, and to develop a curation of decay in order to ritualize the lifecycle of a structure and enshrine th4e memories associated with a community’s past and present.  Urban change is inevitable as cities are organisms that regenerate at much faster rates; but can there be a way to

Armory Workshop

Poster designed by Gustav Nielsen

An afternoon of community gardening and interactive group activities about the past, present, and future of the Goffe Street Armory.  Activities included a building scavenger hunt; history newsprint; postcards to the city; Armory power-mapping; and futures chalkboard. 

Elegy for an Armory

Elegy for an Armory

A short essay / photo-montage about the Yale Armory, built in 1915 and demolished by Yale in 2019, inspired by a collection of photographs created in 1917-18 by the U.S. Department of War which had come to New Haven to inspect Yale’s Reserve Officer Training Core (ROTC) and Naval Training Unit.

Excavating the Armory

Excavating the Armory

A participatory exhibit about the past, present, and future of the New Haven Armory on Goffe Street. Excavating the Armory launched at City-Wide Open Studios Armory Weekend, October 14 & 15, 2017, and continues as an online forum and citizen organization with the goal of conserving the Armory as a shared civic resource.  We join those who care about the future of the Armory and invite your participation.

At the Armory, we created a five-part strategy to uncover the physical and social qualities and potentials of the building:

Armory Voices


A 3 min. 33 sec. sound montage from the Armory Workshop at the Gather New Haven Health and Wellness Festival in Goffe Street Park on September 18, 2022. 

“Hello Justin [Justin Ellicker, Mayor of New Haven], this is one of your taxpayers, Cynthia Harrison.  The Armory; we should make it a small business enterprise zone.  It has been sitting here rotting away for many years and it is a disgrace for this beautiful building, which is more than 150,000 square feet, to go to waste.  Do something with it, and do it now.  It’s 2022.  Thank you.”

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