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YUMP is a collective public scholarship initiative focused on the built environment, city planning, and urban change over time. 

Our goal is to connect Yale students, staff, and faculty with local organizations to create research-based interpretive materials; with Artspace, Armory Community Advisory Committee, the International Festival of Arts & Idea, and others. 

YUMP creates public, interactive events to share student projects about New Haven and other places

We publish faculty and student projects in print (newspapers, pamphlets,  posters) and on the website (sound, photovideodrawings) and have installed full-sized public art interventions

We support faculty-led research projects like “Interactive Crown Street” that occupied unused storefronts with participatory exhibits about the city. 

Recent initiatives include the New Haven Building Newsprint, an unsolicited print intervention about local building phenomena, like the “5-over-1” apartment buildings that are popping up across the city and “The Frankenstein,” houses that became shop-fronts and changed over time. 

Please reach out to collaborate at yump@yale.edu

Director:  Elihu Rubin

Website tip:  Use menu item “Filters” to search by media, topic, and collaborator.  Toggle between ”List” (chronological) and ”Shapes” (always randomized).


Professor Adjunct, Yale School of Architecture
Elihu Rubin
Director, Yale Urban Media Project


Interested in working with the Yale Urban Media Project?  Write to us:  yump@yale.edu

Now hiring:  Yale Urban Media Project Webmaster.  Please inquire with elihu.rubin@yale.edu

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The Yale Urban Media Project is supported by the Bruce McClanahan Fund for Urban Studies at the Yale School of Architecture.

Interested in supporting the work of the Yale Urban Media Project?  Please contact Jill Westgard, YSOA Development (jill.westgard@yale.edu); or Elihu Rubin (elihu.rubin.yale.edu).  

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