Hiring Student Employees

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Hiring Student Employees

Now hiring student employees (posting on SEO in-progress):

Interviewing applicants for a number of opportunities at YUMP.   

- YUMP Web Editor digital publishing / curation / research, writing, and editing / “Drupal” content management

- Cartographer:  Mapmaking and analytical drawings / GIS Researcher / Collective Memory Map

- Printer:  Graphic Design / Pamphlets / Book-making / Posters / Postcards / Signage / coordinate and execute print-production

- Friends of Goffe Street Armorycommunity engagement / public events / research and writing / event-creation.  Hiring project manager + associates.

- New Haven Building Archive :  Collaborate with the DH Lab on a web  database of student research on local buildings.  Hiring content editors, photographers, archival research, public outreach.  

- New Haven Industrial Heritage Trails:  Project Manager for a compendium of critical heritage studies on a suite of New Haven sites.  Develop plan for website; edit and archive existing entries; curate new trails; plan field work and trail-making.

Architectural Documentation:  Commissioning analytical drawings of section, plan, transect, elevation at a set of New Haven intersections and streetscapes.

Salary (all positions):  $16.00/hour  (set by Yale for student employment) + Materials/Project Expenses

Please contact Elihu Rubin  to learn more.