Signs on Edwards Street

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Signs on Edwards Street

Always on the lookout for signage campaigns.  A brisk sequence of 8.5” x 11” black and white flyers on Edwards Street can be effective.  

I was told to “Ditch the Toxic.”  Was I trying to live a healthier life?  Would I join this wellness community?  

“Come meet some of the most interesting people in east rock.  Everyday we are having stimulating conversation. Fun and therapeutic events. Activities to soothe the soul and rebuild a conscious community in New Haven!”

The movement advocated “Healthy Boundaries” and said “It’s Easy and Comfortable.”

I was intrigued.  But it wasn’t a cult.  It was the Cultured Cafe.

“Don’t wait to be ill just to pop a pill.  Stay well with our in-house fermented foods.”

When it appeared, I realized that the Cultured Cafe is taking place in the old cigar shop with the Te-Amo sign.