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Armory Workshop

Poster designed by Gustav Nielsen

An afternoon of community gardening and interactive group activities about the past, present, and future of the Goffe Street Armory.  Activities included a building scavenger hunt; history newsprint; postcards to the city; Armory power-mapping; and futures chalkboard. 

Armory Newsprint 1.1

The Armory Newsprint

Digital edition of a printing of 1,000 copies of The Armory Newsprint 1.1. 

Interactive print engagement with the Goffe Street Armory.  Includes editorial by co-chairs of the Armory Community Advisory Committee, Nadine Horton and Elihu Rubin.  Distributed at Gather New Haven Festival, September 18, 2022.  

Excavating the Armory

Excavating the Armory

A participatory exhibit about the past, present, and future of the New Haven Armory on Goffe Street. Excavating the Armory launched at City-Wide Open Studios Armory Weekend, October 14 & 15, 2017, and continues as an online forum and citizen organization with the goal of conserving the Armory as a shared civic resource.  We join those who care about the future of the Armory and invite your participation.

At the Armory, we created a five-part strategy to uncover the physical and social qualities and potentials of the building:

Armory Voices


A 3 min. 33 sec. sound montage from the Armory Workshop at the Gather New Haven Health and Wellness Festival in Goffe Street Park on September 18, 2022. 

“Hello Justin [Justin Ellicker, Mayor of New Haven], this is one of your taxpayers, Cynthia Harrison.  The Armory; we should make it a small business enterprise zone.  It has been sitting here rotting away for many years and it is a disgrace for this beautiful building, which is more than 150,000 square feet, to go to waste.  Do something with it, and do it now.  It’s 2022.  Thank you.”

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