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Rudolph and Renewal


21 min video

An American Beat Film, produced by Elihu Rubin, directed and edited by Stephen Taylor

Produced in association with the Yale Digital Media Center for the Arts:  Lee Faulker, Sarah Lasley, Laraine Sammler; and the Yale School of Architecture:  Robert A.M. Stern, Dean Sakamoto, Dana Keeeton, Britt Eversole, Ian Mills

Re-Discovering and Re-Imagining the Staten Island North Shore Railroad


Staten Island’s North Shore Railroad corridor is defunct and largely disused.  This project, initiated in the Core 4 Urbanism Studio at YSOA, is a research-based public engagement that questions the past, present, and future of this potentially valuable civic asset.   

The work was installed at the Stapleton Branch of the New York Public Library in Staten Island, open to the public between April 12 and April 20, with two faciliated workshops.

Research:  Ariel Bintang, Jerry Chow, Janice Chu

Installation Design and Workshops:  Janice Chu

Urban Research Round Robin


Yale School of Architecture students in Arch 4219, Urban Research & Representation, create 9 research-based and participatory exhibits for a public in the Community Room of the Ives Main Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library, 133 Elm Street; plus a shared exhibit, the Collective Memory Map.  Participants get a stamp at each station and fill out the Passport. 

Read the write-up in the New Haven Independent here:

Oak Street Historical Society Signage

Credit: Elihu Rubin

When Route 34 was built through the heart of New Haven in the late 1950s, it meant the displacement of the Oak Street neighborhood.  In 2016, YSOA students Maddy Sembler, Justin Leonard, Jason Kurzweil, and Matthew Zuckerman formed an Oak Street Historical Society to create a “historical wayfinding system,” retrieving quotations from the New Haven Redevelopment Agency archives and other sources that were used in the discourse of Urban Renewal and printing them on corrugated plastic signs. 

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