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The New Haven Building Archive is a longitudinal digital humanities project, tracking the history and presence of a large number of individual buildings and public spaces that have been researched by Yale students.  Building research is the first assignment in Arch 280,  “American Architecture and Urbanism,” and each year new entries of student research is added to the archive.   The project has many collaboratores, including students who have worked on aspects of the website as part of a Senior Project or Independent Project in the Computer Science and Computing and the Arts majors.   

The project was developed with the Digital Humanities Lab at Yale, with Peter Leonard, Catherine DeRose, Douglas Duhaime, and Monica Ong.

Currently housed on a Knack database site:  Click Here.   A new version of the site is currently in development.

We are very indebted to our community research partners, including the New Haven Museum, Sterling Memorial Library, the New Haven Free Public Library, and the City of New Haven.

We are hiring NHBA Editors, to input new entries; and to edit and enhance existing essays; and to develop programmng around the project.  

Contact Project Lead:  Elihu Rubin

New Haven Clock Company, Interior, November 18, 2021
Goffe Street Armory, July 8, 2020
Audubon and Orange Street, April 20, 2020
City Hall, January 23, 2020
Educational Center for the Arts High School, Orange Street, January 23, 2020
84 Clark Street, November 5, 2018
Kayla Shipp
Anoushka Ramkoumar
Gavi Levy Haskell
Barbara Rockenbach