Navigating Urban Change

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Penebad and Rubin

Navigating Urban Change

Navigating Urban Change: Stories & Struggles of American Cities

January 26, 2024
Hosted by Carie Penabad

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Episode Description

In this exploration of American cultural landscapes, host Carie Penabad speaks with Yale urban historian, Elihu Rubin, as he delves into the dynamic forces shaping everyday places and the evolving nature of the built environment. Using New Haven and Boston as a canvas, Rubin highlights the interplay between society, economics, and urban change, uncovering what elements contribute to the vitality of cities and the challenges of preserving a sense of place in an ever-evolving globalized world. Through insightful anecdotes, Rubin shares surprising stories of public spaces like the New Haven Green and pivotal events like Mayday 1970, revealing the struggles embedded in urban transformations. As the conversation unfolds, Rubin advocates for a holistic understanding of the relationship between academia, community engagement, and city planning, offering a comprehensive perspective on navigating the stories and struggles of American cities. Do not miss the conversation, this upcoming Friday, January 26th at 11:00 AM EST, 8:00 EST on the Voice America Variety Channel or find all previous episodes of ON CITIES on your favorite podcast platform.